About us



Ion Products was started by Ivano Darra and Walter G Reed.  We came together through a shared passion for film making.  Between us we have over 20 years experience in self shooting videos.

Walter‘s background in architecture has helped him understand the requirements of organising a big shoot and working to tight schedules and sticking to budgets. His interests include fine art, architecture, literature, music, gardening, community activism and changing the world for the better.  He uses a bicycle to get from A to B, and has been known to get as far as G or H.

Ivano has taken various media courses through the years, and he has been refining his editorial and camera skills in a variety of different projects. His interests include contemporary dance, yoga, reading, political activism, music, baking, gardening and cycling.

Mission statement

Our aim is to find the most creative way to tell a story, be it business, documentary or fiction.  We use High Definition video to produce cinematic images and introduce our clients to a their existing and new clients in new and inventive ways.  We aim to get your message across in the shortest space of time.  We are always looking for new ways to tell a story and new ways of looking at the familiar.

We are committed to environmental sustainability and believe that there is a lot of work to be done to save the planet.  We work hard to ensure that we leave as small a carbon footprint as possible by limiting our use of fossil fuels, conservation of water and only hire a car when we need one.  After the bicycle our preferred form of transport is public.

We are also committed to community and work at discounted rates with a number of community organisations and charities.