Augmented Reality

What is augmented reality?

Augmented reality (AR) is a technology which allows you to view the world through the camera of your mobile device and find digital elements integrated into your view of the real world.  This could be video, photographs, audio clips or 3D objects.

Here is a video of our new AR brochure which comes to life when you download the app through the QR code on the brochure.

Click here to request a copy of our brochure. Be sure to include your address.

Loughborough Junction World War 1

We have been developing an augmented reality project called “LJWW1” which was Heritage Lottery funded and is part of a community project in Loughborough Junction in South East London.

The project allows you to download one of 3 stories about the Great War and its effects in Loughborough Junction, by following one of 3 trails of individually designed paving slabs which trigger the augmented reality experience.

Here is a short video outlining the project.

Check out the Loughborough Junction WW1 project website

LJWW1 – Augmented reality book.

We have also produced an AR book to go with the project. It’s a two way book; follow it one direction and you can use the AR app, but if you don’t have a device that can use the app, you can follow the stories in the opposite direction and read the text.  These have been deposited in all the local libraries to ensure that everyone has access to the project.

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