3 Dimensions

With a background in architecture working in 3D has always been a strong point with Walter.  From sculpture and art works to furniture and garden design we can help you solve your 3D design problems.

Here is some of our work.

Shingle garden x

Lewes shingle garden involved complete re-landscaping of this unloved town garden, taking the themes of shingle and weathered timber, with more than a nod to Derek Jarman’s garden in Dungeness.  The project included bespoke furniture design; mirrors to reflect some light into the constantly in-shade back of the house; wooden sculptures reflecting the marine theme of the garden; and entirely new low-maintenance, wildlife-friendly planting.  Much of the timber was salvaged from the Woodstore community recycling project in Brighton, including some from the old Brighton pier. The result is a relaxing and far larger looking garden, undemanding in terms of maintenance and water, which follows the client’s brief to provide an inviting entertaining space outside, and pleasant views from inside, while discreetly incorporating the practicalities of recycling, storage, and compost areas.

The local shingle provides the ideal setting for the plants to highlight their individual characters.  Grasses spray up from the shingle, and rock plants create globes of interest, offset from each other to give them space to mature.  The herb bed at the rear of the garden provides a sensory delight when sitting at the table.  The remaining bed set into the brick pavers provides a light airy contrast of dancing yellow and purple flowers to surprise visitors turning the corner at the back return of the house.

Mirrors are placed within the Russian vine on the garage at the back of the garden to add points of interest and at the same time reflect some light back into the shaded back of the house.  Their frames were also made from reclaimed timber.


Shingle garden details x


Southwell garden is a residents garden consisting of food growing area, BBQ area and flower garden.

Budget constraints have meant that many of the features have been value engineered but the new garden has given the residents a place to enjoy outdoor space and to meet their neighbors.



The design for the Perude House included  lay out of the decking, planted areas, water feature, vegetable growing and utility areas.

Perdue houseX



The Pallet Garden is a  vegetable garden using palates and reclaimed timber to create benches, vertical growing spaces, potting bench, storage space and greenhouse.

Palate garden


Southwell temporary community garden in a cul-de-sac using planter boxes/benches  to engage the local residents in consultation on what can be done to reclaim the street and help with community cohesion.