Featured project – Sport web-promos

We love to shoot sport videos! Here is our latest promo for Miguel’s Boxing Gym, a high-octane, friendly gym in South London with classes to suit everybody! Check the promo out

Continuing our sport videos projects, here is Ana & Alex’s fund-rasing video partaking in the Ötillö swim-run race 2014 – one of the toughest races in the world – for the Wonder Foundation. Well done to them for raising more than £ 1200!

San Filippo Sport Center, in Brescia, Italy is a multi-functional center with indoor arena for volley and basketball, tennis courts, football pitches, as well as a gym, swimming pool and various areas for activities as diverse as ballet, gymnastics and martial arts, which are all on display on the promo


And take a look to the other center in Brescia, a swimming center this time.  Monpiano is a stylish architectural gem on the foothills of the Alps, boasting three internal pools and a further three external pools.  The promo concentrates on the internal facilities and classes provided by the center