Here is the link to the website of our dedicated wedding video branch – Union Videos

One of the projects which Walter has instigated and is leading is the 7 Bridges project in Loughborough Junction. It’s an arts led regeneration project supported by the Loughborough Junction Action Group a volunteers’s group chaired by Anthea Masey. The initiative will transform the bridges by getting artists to intervene in them and make Loughborough Junction a place to be proud to live and work. The first bridge is the Cambria Bridge and the artwork has almost been completed. Walter has been working with his art partner Dermot Daly on a ‘fossilised’ iris (as in the eye) and a sequence of augmented reality journeys which will tell three separate stories evolving around the three main types of stem cells – blood, neurological and digestive. The stories will be set in 1914 and will converge at the eye where a video of a poem by Alison Trower will be virtually located. It’s a big project.

Here is a link to our latest documentary project, ‘The Uncovering of Joseph Boshier’ a documentary which traces the tragic life of modernist architect Joseph Boshier who dabbled in fascism before disappearing off the architectural scene in the early 50s. In 1982 his daughter who believed him dead is left a treasure trove of sculptures which he has jig-sawed together from old furniture, pianos, clocks, lenses and dolls heads. A project instigated by an idea by artist Lesley Hilling, the film has premiered at the Standpoint Gallery in London, as part of the exhibition “The Enigmatic World of Joseph Boshier” from 7th November until 6th December 2013.

Martin A. Smith has been a long time collaborator of ours and creates the most amazing soundscapes. Have a peek into his sumptuous work.

We have worked closely with Brett Gowlett over a range of projects from film, music video, art and live events. Apart from being an all round good guy, he is a great musician and a motion graphics wizard.

Alison Trower is a writer, artist, performer, singer, musician and visionary. We love to work with her. Possibilities are always endless with Alison in the room.

Madcap Coalition are a crazy bunch of guys who volunteer their time to help create a community spirit in Deptford, South East London.  Check them out.