Training & Instructional videos

Here are some examples of training and instructional videos we have produced:

Ski Guru TV is an exciting project about Zen Ski, Peter Buchar’s ski concept implementing mindfulness and being in the now on the ski slopes. Here are the episodes so far, from introducing the concept and Peter Buchar, the first exercises up to more challenging ones. Check out for more in the next few weeks!

Here is a training video for a recruiting process commissioned by Think Ahead a programme funded by the Department of Health

Instructional videos (draft version) of medical procedures for Wiley Blackwell

This video is part of a series of in-house videos we made for Grafton Medical Practice, Dublin: Women’s Health

One of the videos we produced for the Ultrasound Suite, Bray, Ireland website: Fetal Wellbeing

Grafton Medical Practice, Dublin, internal TV video: Women’s Health

Ultrasound Suite, Bray, Ireland – Renal and kidney ultrasound

Ace 4 Training

Zenski: Making you a better skier

Ace 4 Training